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Client: ScholarFix

Mobile Microsite

When Michael Schultheiss first approached us about his writing business, he had big plans — but also needed a site right now that would help generate credibility and leads.

We created a mobile-only microsite based on jQuery: lightning fast and sized for student smartphones, it was the perfect application for what was needed right away.

Creating the logo for his business was just another element that helped make this project complete.

  • Logo Design Services

  • Mobile Website

  • Custom Programming


Translating a service business like Scholarfix to the digital world is what we do. Research shows that for even traditional brick and mortar businesses, 8-in-10 consumers do some form of online research before they ever set foot in your office or call on the phone. Thus, having a solid web presence is an asset that helps build credibility and ultimately leads to sales — even when those sales originate in offline channels.

  • Logo Design Services

  • Content Creation

  • Online Ordering System

Web Design
Business Consulting


Helping a small business like Scholarfix bootstrap its identity and online assets is something we do for many small businesses. We understand the vagaries of cash flow and that often it is necessary to approach the full solution-set in “phases” of development. We’re happy we could do so for Scholarfix and can do the same for your business, too.

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